Thursday, December 29, 2016

An Invited Guest - Part IV

January 5th was a terrible day for wedding planning. I would spend the next 4 weeks in one hospital or another before being released to my eldest sister. After surgery on my leg, I was told I may walk at some point but would not bend my leg well enough to sit properly every again. I was also told that they could not operate on my arm as they kept me under anastisisa to long. My arm would heal naturally but my hand would never turn properly.

My wedding was in 4 months and I was walking down that aisle. I had my dad find out how long the aisle was at the chapel. Fifty feet, that is all I had to accomplish. I told the therapist my goals were not her goals and I would walk down that aisle. There were no illusions on their part as to my success.

I worked hard even when not in the PT rooms. I was on a mission and would not be stopped.

It was a long journey. I worked hard in the hospital and out. I had to rely on my sister to care for me because there was no one else. My other sister had taken over all the plans for the wedding. She choose the dress, I got to say yes or no, or did I? I was asked my opinion on the ones she choose and told which was the right choice. She moved the reception from the hotel mom had picked to the Elks Lodge my parents belonged to. She changed the menu and the caterer. She cancelled the cake I had chosen and picked a different bakery. She even changed the top of the cake.

My husband, then fiance, packed up my home and moved everything to his place as that is where we would be living. He didn't get everything but did an amazing job for a fella. Having never been to his condo I did not know what to expect but was proud of how hard he tried.

While at my sisters I started to return to work. She would drive me to the closest store so I could work with another manager and get back up to speed. I could not stand for the full 8 hours but I did try and my boss gave me some leeway. I could not wear normal shoes so I was not up to dress code and had to sit a good portion of the day.

It was here that I learned of the changes that had been made. I found the cake topper I wanted to use and sent it down. They attempted to take it apart as the clear plastic that surrounded the young couple did not meet the standards that the baker and my sister liked. They ended up breaking it and when it did finally appear on the cake it was placed on there crooked. I held back the tears as they swelled in my eyes.

My invitations arrived and I started to put together the invitation list. Still having hope of a good wedding. My mom called a few days later and asked where I had put the invitations. I explained I had them mailed to me so I could address them. She was furious. I was to send them to my 2nd sister ASAP as she knew what was proper and there was NO WAY I could do it right.

Enough, my first act of open rebellion when I said NO. Later it would come back and hurt me. When I asked about a vale for my dress and was told she would not buy one. I ended up taking what few dollars I had and bought the necessary materials to make my own vale. It was not what I wanted and my father was not happy I did not add a blusher, but it worked. I also made the bird seed packs that the guest would throw as we left the reception.

An event that most do with their girlfriends and sisters and maybe a mom or mom in law. I did all alone without an utterance from beyond.

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